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Entrepreneurship Development Maximize

Entrepreneurship Development

Dr. Sheetal S.Sharma,

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Accoding to the  Bangalore University B.Com 5th Sem

Unit 1: Entrepreneurship       10 Hrs
Introduction – Meaning and Definition of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur and Enterprise – Functions of Entrepreneur – Factors influencing Entrepreneurship – Pros and Cons of being an Entrepreneur – Qualities of an Entrepreneur – Types of Entrepreneur.
Unit 2: Small Scale Industries            12 Hrs
Meaning and Definition – Product Range – Capital Investment – Ownership Patterns – Meaning and importance of Tiny Industries, Ancillary Industries, Cottage Industries. Role Played by SSI in the Development of Indian Economy. Problems faced by SSI’s and the steps taken to solve the Problems – Policies Governing SSI’s.
Unit 3: Formation of Small Scale Industry     14 Hrs
BusinessOpportunity, Scanning the Environment for Opportunities, evaluation of Alternatives and Selection based on Personal Competencies. Steps Involved in the Formation of a small Business venture: location, Clearances and Permits Required, Formalities, Licensing and Registration procedure. Assessment of the market for the Proposed Project – Financial, Technical, Market and Social feasibility study.
Unit 4: Preparing the Business Plan (BP)     10 Hrs
Meaning – Importance – Preparation – BP Format: Financial Aspects of the BP, Marketing Aspects of the BP, Human Resource Aspects of the BP, Technical aspects of the BP, Social aspects of the BP, Common pitfalls to be Avoided in Preparation of a BP.
Unit 5: Project Assistance     10 Hrs
Financial assistance through SFC’s, SIDBI, Commercial Banks, IFCI – Non-Financial Assistance from DIC, SISI, AWAKE, KVIC – Financial Incentives for SSI’s and Tax Concessions – Assistance for obtaining Raw Material, Machinery, Land and Building and Technical Assistance – Industrial Estates: Role and Types.
Skill Development
  • Preparation of a Project report to start a SSI Unit.
  • Preparing a letter to the concerned authority-seeking license for the proposed SS Unit
  • Format of a business plan.
  • A Report on the survey of SSI units in the region where college is located.
  • Chart showing financial assistance available to SSI along with rates of interest.
  • Chart showing tax concessions to SSI both direct and indirect.
  • Success stories of Entrepreneurs in the region.

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Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development

Dr. Sheetal S.Sharma,

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