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Fluid Mechanics (Mechanical Branch)

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For B.Tech Fourth Semester of Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra





Fluid Properties: Concept of fluid and flow, ideal and real fluids, continuum concept, Properties of fluid: mass density, weight density, specific volume, specific gravity, viscosity, causes of viscosity, surface tension, capillarity, vapour pressure, compressibility and bulk modulus, Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids.


Fluid Statics: Pressure, Pascal’s law, hydrostatic law, pressure measurement, manometers, hydrostatic forces on submerged plane and curved surfaces, buoyancy, stability of floating and submerged bodies, liquids in relative equilibrium. Problems.



Fluid Kinematics: Eulerian and Lagrangian description of fluid flow; types of fluid flows, stream, streak and path lines; acceleration of a fluid particle, flow rate and continuity equation, differential equation of continuity in cartesian and polar coordinates, rotation and vorticity, circulation, stream and potential functions, flow net. Problems.


Fluid Dynamics: Concept of system and control volume, Euler’s equation, Bernoulli’s equation and its practical applications, venturimeter, orificemeter, orifices, mouthpieces, Impulse momentum equation, kinetic energy and momentum correction factors. Problems.



Viscous Flow: Flow regimes and Reynold’s number, Navier-Stokes equation, relationship between shear stress and pressure gradient, flow of viscous fluids in circular pipe and between stationary and moving parallel plates, hydrodynamic lubrication, movement of piston in a dashpot, power absorbed in bearings. Problems.


Turbulent Flow Through Pipes: Transition from laminar to turbulent flow, Reynold’s equation of turbulence, Shear stress in turbulent flow, Prandtl mixing length hypothesis, Major and minor losses in pipes, hydraulic gradient and total energy lines, series and parallel connection of pipes, branched pipes; equivalent pipe, power transmission through pipes, hydraulically smooth and rough pipes, velocity distribution in pipes, friction coefficients for smooth and rough pipes. Problems.



Boundary Layer Flow: Boundary layer concept, displacement, momentum and energy thickness, Blasius solution, von-Karman momentum integral equation, laminar and turbulent boundary layer flows, separation of boundary layer and its control.


Flow over Bodies: Drag and lift, friction and pressure drag, lift and drag coefficients, stream lined and bluff bodies, drag on a flat plate, drag on a cylinder and an airfoil, circulation and lift on a circular cylinder and an airfoil. Problems.


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Fluid Mechanics (Mechanical Branch)

Fluid Mechanics (Mechanical Branch)

TP Solved Series


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